Community Officer of the Year – Special Officer

Ryan WoodsNominate

Special Sergeant 7954 Ryan Woods

Breckland District

Special Sergeant Ryan Woods is a key member of the Specials team working alongside the Safer Neighbourhood Team in Dereham to deliver community policing.

Ryan has been instrumental in establishing a Specials Speed Enforcement team that aims to complement local Community Speed Watch teams.  This has increased engagement with the community and boosted confidence that neighbourhood teams will act on reports of speeding.  Ryan has undertaken all the training he requires himself and now delivers training to other student Specials.

He has also managed to acquire a number of police bicycles to help combat any delay in officers being trained on driving courses.  He ensures these bikes are maintained and their use has been publicly praised for the increase in visible policing in the area.

Ryan is praised by his nominator for the wide range of work he carries out and the excellent support he gives to his regular colleagues.


Bill GrintNominate

Special Sergeant 7083 Bill Grint

Broadland District

Special Sergeant Bill Grint has dedicated more than one thousand hours to Norfolk Constabulary over the past year; much of this time has been spent actively patrolling the Broadland district assisting his regular colleagues.

Bill has undertaken almost 80 hours of training, enabling him to carry out more duties and is described as someone who leads by example, using his professionalism and passion for policing to encourage and mentor other Special Constables.

He has attended almost 300 calls for service during the year, attended numerous road traffic collisions and also spends a considerable amount of time working towards county-wide objectives such as speeding campaigns, football duties and large events.

All of Bill’s work to reduce the strain on the regular force at Sprowston is much appreciated by his colleagues where he is highly regarded by all and his service shows what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.


Ian BrownNominate

Special Sergeant 7930 Ian Brown

Great Yarmouth
Great Yarmouth District

Special Sergeant Ian Brown has served with the Special Constabulary for a total of 14 years and is dedicated to his role in Great Yarmouth town centre where he can be seen either on foot or out on his bike twice a week, despite also having a full time job.

Ian is well known to local retailers as well as store detectives and street wardens, working with them to target retail crime and dealing with incidents of disorder.  Despite being seriously assaulted recently, he quickly bounced back to patrol work not allowing the incident to curb his enthusiasm.

He now takes student Special Constables under his wing and trains them in readiness for independent patrols while sharing his local intelligence and policing skills.  Ian is a key member of the team, and is described as a real credit to the Special Constabulary, respected by both regular and special colleagues alike.


Andy NederpelNominate

Special Inspector 7901 Andrew Nederpal

King’s Lynn
King’s Lynn and West Norfolk District

Special Inspector Andy Nederpal has served in West Norfolk for 12 years and is described as someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty despite balancing his commitment with a full-time job and a busy home life.

He has recently set up a district Special Constabulary Tasking and Co-ordinating Group to improve the support provided to local policing, while also facilitating better communication with Policing and Response teams which has enhanced how everyone works together.  Andy attends every event where Special Constables join the team, making it his personal responsibility to welcome them and value their contribution.

In addition to his administrative work, Andy still regularly goes out on patrol with local teams and assists at events.  His nominator says his love for putting on the uniform is ever present and his service to local communities is a credit to him.


James HollingsheadNominate

Special Constable 7438 James Hollingshead

North Norfolk District

Special Constable James Hollingshead works at Hoveton Police Station covering the large areas that also include Stalham, parts of the Broads and around 20 other parishes.

He is a dedicated Beat Manager Special Constable, working alongside a Beat Manager from the regular force in a partnership that was the first of its kind in North Norfolk.

James is described as an extremely hard working and knowledgeable officer who is capable of dealing with any incident he attends, either on his own or working as a pair. He always goes the extra mile to get to know colleagues and has a willingness to learn.  He often changes shifts in his paid job in order to accommodate operational requirements.

His nominator says that James is everything that could be wished for in a Special Constable and is an asset to Norfolk Constabulary.

Catherine Charles-FarrowNominate

Special Constable 7028 Catherine Charles-Farrow

Bethel Street, Norwich
Norwich District

Special Constable Catherine Charles-Farrow has been working alongside a team based at Bethel Street, Norwich for several months while also being a full-time student at the University of East Anglia.

She is in her final year studying for a degree while also going through the application process to become a Police Constable. Catherine works full response shifts and is described as a keen and enthusiastic member of the team, who takes pride in ownership of tasks that help reduce the overall demand on other full-time colleagues.

During her time as a Special Constable, Catherine has shown compassion in speaking with victims and witnesses of crime on a one-to-one basis.  She has also made a number of arrests, including a man who was aggressive when being detained for a GBH domestic incident where the victim sustained significant injury.

Catherine’s nominator describes her as a real benefit to the organisation.


Thomas RenderNominate

Special Sergeant 7004 Tom Render

South Norfolk District

Special Sergeant Tom Render has been with the Special Constabulary since 2013, previously working in Thetford and Wymondham. More recently he has moved across to join the team at Diss where he has made a great impact.

He has managed to enhance local policing by supporting the Beat Manager team via speed enforcement, high visibility patrols, engagement with the public and through his pro-active policing style.  Tom has supported knife crime and gang events held locally as well as specifically targeting vehicle related anti-social behaviour.

Tom’s full-time job is as an engineering machinist but on average he still manages to give 50 hours of service each month.  He is described as a real asset to Norfolk Constabulary.