Special Constabulary Nominees


Special Sergeant 7957 Jonathan WallsNominate

Special Sergeant 7957 Jonathan Walls

Breckland District

Special Sergeant Jonathan Walls has been a dedicated Special officer since 2007, combining a high number of hours each week alongside having a young family at home.  He is passionate about supporting fellow team members and encouraging them to develop by organising events both within the community and also targeted events for crime prevention.

In addition, Jonathan now has a key training role within the Thetford Cadet unit.  As part of this role, he identified a young person within the community that needed support during a difficult time in their life. With his intervention, sign-posting them to the Cadets it has provided a great outcome for them and is now thriving at College.  This was due to the support, direction, intervention and personal responsibility of Jonathan.

Jonathan is always approachable and friendly and is consistent in his dedication and commitment to the Breckland District.



Special Constable 7231 Bradley Gell Nominate

Special Constable 7231 Bradley Gell  

Broadland District

Special Constable Bradley Gell is nominated for the support he has given to his patrol and Safer Neighbourhood Team colleagues in the Broadland district.

Bradley has managed to work over 1,500 hours in the last year as well as being in full-time employment.  He has assisted at many fetes and other community events such as Remembrance Day parades within Broadland.

He works with the Beat Managers across the area assisting them in problem solving and local policing priorities. Bradley has been involved in a number of arrests, assisted in the execution of warrants and regularly carries out targeted speeding patrols.

Bradley also volunteers for duties outside of the area to assist the constabulary in providing officers for large events such as the Lord Mayor’s Procession and royalty duties.

He is described as good company as well as a hard-working and very competent officer.



Special Sergeant 7578 Adam MarkhamNominate

Special Sergeant 7578 Adam Markham

Great Yarmouth District

Special Sergeant Adam Markham is an established officer and a well-known face in Great Yarmouth and other districts.

He spends a significant amount of time on mobile patrol supporting the 24/7 response teams, as well as attending to locally identified priorities. These include policing the seafront car cruises, dealing with antisocial behaviour and taking time to attend to the district speeding hotspots.

Adam is very committed to helping support and develop new Special Constabulary officers, both working with them and tutoring them directly, as well as regularly reviewing their activities and progress.

His impact is not limited to the Yarmouth area. He regularly assists Norwich with their night time economy policing and encourages his officers to branch out and assist with operations and events across the county.

Adam is described as a very approachable and well-regarded officer by those both younger and older in service and is an effective and resilient leader.



Special Sergeant 7931 Christopher CutcheNominate

Special Sergeant 7931 Christopher Cutche

King’s Lynn and West Norfolk District

Special Sergeant Christopher Cutche has been with Norfolk Special Constabulary since 2003, working consistently to a high standard.

Since 2012, he has committed more than 5,000 hours of additional policing and specialises in training new student officers, improving their knowledge, skills and confidence. Christopher spends a significant period of his free time ensuring that student officers receive the best welcome, guidance, advice and training they can possibly receive ensuring they are fully integrated into the policing family.

He is often looking for and implementing duties based on local community needs and priorities. As a member of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Special’s management team, Christopher is often the person who brings ideas to life with little or no supervision making the Special Constabulary an exciting role, cementing the bond between officers in the Western Area team while delivering local additional policing to the community.



Special Constable 7019 Keith PhillipsNominate

Special Constable 7019 Keith Phillips

North Norfolk District

Special Constable Keith Phillips is a retired Met Police officer having completed 30 years in London.  Moving to Norfolk following retirement, he now combines a love for boating on the Norfolk Broads with a key role in the Broadsbeat team based at Hoveton.

Keith regularly takes one of the two Broadsbeat vessels out on the water with others to increase visibility, engage with sponsors and various businesses alongside the Broads and the boating community.  He also attends multiple boating shows and events to promote water safety, security and the use of carbon monoxide detectors.  In addition, he has worked alongside the RNLI to promote water safety and trained waterside licensed premises in the use of throw-line equipment.

Although only joining in late 2017, Keith has already clocked up several hundred hours of voluntary service for the Broadsbeat team.  Without his dedication, the team would struggle to continue vital levels of engagement and visibility.



Special Constable 7057 Astrid BarberNominate

Special Constable 7057 Astrid Barber

Norwich District

Special Constable Astrid Barber joined the constabulary in March 2016 and has worked on a number of assignments and operations.

She has been to many football deployments at Carrow Road as well as regularly attending pre-planned operations and looking after new student Special Constables within the West Norwich district as a Cadet leader.

Astrid works in a nursery as a full time job, which takes a special kind of patience and care and this is certainly reflected in the voluntary work she does for the constabulary.  She is described as conscientious and hard working with great attention to detail.

In the last year, Astrid has completed almost 500 hours of dedicated time to policing which is a very large commitment while juggling normal work and home life. Astrid is highly thought of by her colleagues and is an asset to the constabulary.




Special Chief Inspector 7946 Paul Hart

South Norfolk District

Special Chief Inspector Paul Hart is described as an unsung hero in his role of Special Chief Inspector across the force.  He is an experienced officer who is passionate about the role of the Special Constabulary and ensuring that quality and standards are met.

Paul has broad knowledge of the organisation and uses his talent to support and develop future leaders through side by side coaching, mentoring, training and subject matter guidance as well as supporting colleagues on a host of complex subject areas.

He always leads by example, will engage with all parties to understand an issue and systematically work through all tasks to a satisfactory conclusion keeping all stakeholders informed on the journey.

Paul has been instrumental in the last twelve months in overseeing the transition of a number of highly effective Special Constables into full time Police Constables.