Special Constabulary Nominees



Special Inspector 7937 Robin Smith

Breckland District

Special Inspector Robin Smith has just received his long service and good conduct medal after serving ten years with the Special Constabulary where he consistently dedicates 100 hours every month to the Breckland District.

As a Special, Robin provides vital support to the frontline every weekend as well as being heavily involved in Specials training.  He was instrumental in setting up an initiative after identifying a gap in the service.  The Breckland Specials Van now has a number of Specials from across the district working on Saturday nights until 3am when demand is high and resources can be limited.  The van tackles a number of local priorities such as speeding, anti-social behaviour and street drinking and provides essential visibility in the community as well as support to late night patrols.

The service has been extremely well received with positive feedback from the community and regular police officers.

Outside of being a Special, Robin works in the financial services business with a focus on mortgages.



Acting Special Sergeant 7083 Billy Grint  

Broadland District

Acting Special Sergeant Billy Grint has been with the Special Constabulary for just over a year and due to his dedication and contribution he has already been promoted to Acting Special Sergeant.

During the last year, he completed over 120 duties during more than 900 hours of service supporting frontline officers.  Billy has undertaken a wide range of activities including automatic number plate recognition enforcement days, public order, football cover and anti-social behaviour patrols.  Additionally, he has carried out many speed checks in areas highlighted by the public as a problem.

As a Special Billy is described as friendly and approachable, remaining calm in all situations.  He proactively seeks out ways to help police officers and staff with an attitude of nothing being too much trouble. 

Outside of being a Special, Billy works as a driving instructor.



Acting Special Sergeant 7118 Justin Ellis

Great Yarmouth District

 Acting Sergeant Justin Ellis only joined the Special Constabulary in June 2016 and now leads the team in Gorleston having completed his probation in record time and achieving the rank of Acting Sergeant due to his extensive experience in management outside the force.

He takes the lead in the Operation Shipmate initiative, which tackles anti-social behaviour and is also a key contributor to improving road safety with the Speed Enforcement Team.

Justin is the first officer in the east of Norfolk or in an urban district to be attached to Operation Randall which specialises in rural crime and affairs.  His link to this Operation gives access to new policing skills and enhanced focus for rural areas sometimes overshadowed by the demands of the more urban population centres.

Justin’s role outside of being a Special is as an IT field engineer.



Special Sergeant 7671 Peter Mallam

King’s Lynn and West Norfolk District

 Special Sergeant Peter Mallam has been with the Special Constabulary for just over two years and his nominator says he has a tireless dedication and willingness to support police officers by providing a huge number of unpaid hours across the year.

Highlights in the past year included the creation of an operation to increase patrols around Hunstanton in the lead up to Christmas, giving reassurance to local stores and customers in theft prevention.  Peter was responsible for coordinating and organising other officers which had a positive impact on how the organisation is viewed by store managers and the public.

He also used his initiative to uncover crime at various points during the year without the need of assistance from regular police officers.  Peter, is described as positive, enthusiastic and passionate about his role and willing to go the extra mile for the service of the public.

Outside of being a Special, Peter’s role is in food retail.



Special Sergeant 7438 James Hollingshead

North Norfolk District

Special Sergeant James Hollingshead is well on course to exceed the 670 hours he dedicated to the Special Constabulary in 2016.  He is described as a real benefit to the community and is a keen problem solver.

One example of this was the response to a rise in the number of complaints about speeding in local villages.  James got himself and other Special Constables under his command trained in the use of speed guns, which they now regularly deploy to the delight of villagers.

James assists the force in policing large events such as the Cromer and Sheringham carnivals and the Royal Norfolk Show, as well as volunteering as a cadet leader for the North Norfolk Cadets.  His nominator says James demonstrates an excellent desire towards police work which rubs off on his special constable colleagues.

When not being a Special, James works for Ikea.



Special Sergeant 7335 Piers Wilton

Norwich District

Special Sergeant Piers Wilton has been leading a newly formed Specials team in the Norwich District over the past year.  The Priority Crime Team (PCT) is made up of eight Special Constables who are tasked with priority patrols in uniform and plainclothes, working closely with Beat Managers.

The team led by Piers, have made multiple arrests for drink driving, arson, assault and drug offences.  He has attended and supervised every deployment of the PCT and has been instrumental in its success, ensuring that everyone has both the equipment and skills they need to carry out their role.

His nominator says the team and Piers in particular, have made a positive impact on the community and his efforts have been well received by both his Special and regular colleagues.

 Outside of being a Special, Piers is a Client Manager for a major credit card company.



Special Sergeant 7004 Thomas Render

South Norfolk District

Special Sergeant Thomas Render joined the Special Constabulary in 2013 and has consistently pushed himself to learn and understand police procedure and public engagement.  He became a sergeant in 2016, first at Thetford and then at Wymondham.

Tom is seen as a dedicated team member as well as a shining example and role model, and continues to help new police cadets who join the force.  As he helps other Specials, Tom is also trying to develop his own skills by carrying out duties shadowing and assisting regular sergeants in his role.  Tom has completed more than 3,700 hours of duties during his time, all of them targeted, visible and well managed based on local and force priorities.

His nominator says his outstanding work ethos is something many officers could learn from.

Outside of being a Special, Tom is a manufacturing engineer.