Police Officer Nominees


Police Constable 508 Jon Downs

Breckland District

PC Jon Downs is a well-known and highly visible community officer in Dereham where his local knowledge and friendships forged through community work and proactive policing are invaluable assets to the Breckland district.

Jon runs Safer Neighbourhood Action Planning meetings in Dereham and surrounding parishes and has also created new links within the military community at Robinson Barracks.  By engaging with the Families’ Officer, channels of communication have been opened for reporting purposes, as there is often a reluctance to report incidents to civil authorities.  Jon has also designed and delivered presentations to soldiers stationed at Swanton Morley about the dangers of alcohol and drug misuse, which have been praised by senior officers.

Jon’s local knowledge and intelligence has been key in disrupting and dismantling an organised crime group based in Dereham.  He has also volunteered to be the local point of contact for a new community hall initiative where he can help guard against unlicensed music events.



Police Constable 1381 Sean Phillips

Broadland District

PC Sean Phillips’ beat covers a challenging mixture of Broadland villages and city suburbs, but his flexible, compassionate and dedicated approach means he is able to achieve this with some style.

He is described as a natural leader with an authoritative yet calming manner who would have made a tremendous sergeant but has chosen to focus on a career in community policing instead.  In his time as Beat Manager, Sean has tackled issues around youth gangs involved in street robberies, reassuring the community and engaging with the young people involved.  He now has an excellent rapport with some of the more troubled youngsters in the area.

Sean is also the lead point of contact for a local children’s home, working with staff to create a shared understanding of police ands staff roles and responsibilities.  This in turn has reduced calls for assistance to the police therefore reducing pressure on resources.  Quick to identify problems, Sean’s use of Restorative Justice and Community Resolutions to find appropriate solutions ensures the interests of the victim and the offender are best served.



Police Constable 1161 Katie Swann

Great Yarmouth District

PC Katie Swann is described as extremely dedicated and conscientious in her role as Beat Manager for South Yarmouth.  She maintains a balance between community engagement, visibility, proactive investigations and problem-solving.

Katie is seen as a role model to her peers, with a vast knowledge base, and a well-respected resource to partners.  She chairs a multi-agency group responsible for targeting exploitation and people trafficking, which has resulted in arrests for illegal immigration where employees were being exploited.  She has also gathered valuable intelligence to help arrest travelling criminals and drug dealers.

Katie dedicates much of her time to tackling anti-social behaviour.  She will often change shift times to attend meetings and engage with stakeholders to target problem areas. She also actively engages with harder to reach communities in order to improve communication and understanding.

A future leader is how Katie is described by her nominator, and as someone whose true care and passion shines through.



Police Sergeant 3266 Darryl Grief

King’s Lynn and West Norfolk District

Sergeant Darryl Grief is part of the Response Team based in King’s Lynn and, in addition to the high demands of his role, he also single-handedly manages the West Norfolk Police Cadets too.

In the past 12 months, the Cadets have been involved in numerous community events, raising money for charities and assisting in community engagement.  The Cadets are always well-received by the public and Darryl’s work makes a real difference to the lives of the young people involved.

In addition, Darryl has been the lead for Operation Apart, promoting partnership working in King’s Lynn. The initiative brings together retailers and loss prevention officers to discuss measures to combat theft.  He has doubled the number of retailers involved and has contributed to a reduction in retail theft and anti-social behaviour in the town.

Recently Darryl attended the burglary of an elderly lady who was in a great deal of distress.  Not only did Darryl use Cadets to carry out reassurance patrols, he spent time with the victim. As a result of information gathered on the visit, two suspects were identified and arrested. An example of what Darryl’s nominator describes as the exceptional work he carries out on a daily basis.



Police Constable 1673 Richard Dawson

North Norfolk District

PC Richard Dawson is nominated for his systematic and problem-solving approach to his work as Beat Manager for Fakenham.

His work with Fakenham Town Council to improve access to the town’s CCTV has been highlighted in particular.  Previously this facility was only available during office hours, but Richard met with Town Council leaders to offer to relocate it to Fakenham Police Station at no cost to the Council.  He is also negotiating for the running costs to be met by the Council.

Richard works with the business community providing an ongoing crime reduction strategy and also with youth groups to offer practical solutions for engagement with young people, including the ‘Eleven Plus’ that travels around North Norfolk to engage and distract young people away from crime.

Richard’s nominator mentions his energy and tireless work ethic that has proven to be a huge part of the force’s enhanced relationship with residents and business owners.



Police Constable 1668 Dan Taylor

Norwich District

PC Dan Taylor is Beat Manager for the Bowthorpe area of Norwich and has proactively dealt with a number of issues in the community during the past year.

Anti-social behaviour was a particular concern with young people intimidating others and causing damage.  Dan used local PCSOs to ensure there were high visibility patrols targeting the specific areas at relevant times reassuring those affected and also taking positive action against those committing offences.  As a result, reports of anti-social behaviour have greatly reduced and confidence in the police has been restored in the community.

Dan has built up a good working relationship with Special Constables in the area, organising operations to get them involved in community issues and occasionally deploying them in plain clothes when the area has been targeted by specific patterns of crime. This has also had a positive impact on Special Constables’ recruitment.

Dan is proactive on his Twitter account showing the good work going on in his team and building better relationships between the police and the community.



Police Constable 1565 Thomas Harvey

South Norfolk District

PC Tom Harvey was Beat Manager in Poringland for much of the year before his transfer to the Custody Investigation Unit.

During this time he made some excellent community links and was a well-respected and proactive officer for the area.  One particularly successful project was the setting up of Neighbourhood Respect Zones to combat anti-social behaviour.  There had been complaints at the recreational facilities in Poringland regarding children’s play equipment being defaced, excessive noise, obscene language and nuisance vehicles on the playing field.

By working with Poringland’s Parish Clerk, Tom was able to obtain funding for an initiative which would highlight the impact these instances of behaviour were having on local residents and users of the facilities.

The Respect Your Neighbourhood Zone initiative was well publicised in the local media and resulted in a significant reduction in reports of anti-social behaviour.  Tom’s idea is now being considered for other areas with similar issues.