Police Officer Nominees

Police Constable 1159 Andrew MenarryNominate

Police Constable 1159 Andrew Menarry

Beat Manager – Thetford
Breckland District

PC Andrew Menarry has been policing in the Thetford area for more than 25 years.

Andy is described as a dedicated beat manager who has built a good rapport with local homeless people and although he may confiscate alcohol, quite often he will buy food while on patrol and direct them to local charities for support.

In addition, he has worked with several individuals over several months to get them medical care and find places to live. He has organised several town street clean-ups, getting local businesses involved, helping to build a sense of purpose for everyone while raising several hundred pounds for charity.

Andy is due to retire soon and his colleagues say he will be remembered long after he leaves. He hopes to work for a local charity after his retirement.



Police Constable 1381 Sean PhillipsNominate

Police Constable 1381 Sean Phillips

Beat Manager – Broadland (Mental Health community)
Broadland District

PC Sean Phillips is Beat Manager for the Broadland Mental Health Hospital community and has already made his mark despite only taking up the role in December.

Sean has to investigate a huge volume of cases, with individual circumstances for each patient making it an incredibly challenging role.

He approaches patients with compassion and understanding despite sometimes facing potentially dangerous situations, treating them with dignity and respect regardless of whether they are victim or perpetrator. He is an excellent communicator with an authoritative, yet calming manner, working to a very high standard.

Sean has taken innovative steps to reduce demand on the police service while improving the quality of contact with staff.  He has started to introduce restorative based community resolutions so the most appropriate outcome is reached in each case.

He has built excellent links with the mental health team within the constabulary and with senior medical staff.  Sean’s professionalism and knowledge is highly respected.



Police Constable 1170 Nigel RobinsonNominate

Police Constable 1170 Nigel Robinson

Beat Manager – Great Yarmouth
Great Yarmouth

PC Nigel Robinson is one of the dedicated Great Yarmouth Town Centre Beat Managers establishing strong links with retail premises.

His patrols focus mainly on retail crime to reduce shop thefts, whilst maintaining law and order around the town centre. Working in partnership with store detectives, street wardens, CCTV and shop staff, he has successfully managed to reduce retail theft offences in the town centre.

Nigel has also worked at tackling drug crimes within his beat, undertaking search warrants for drug offences at locations around the town centre with colleagues, resulting in arrests and subsequent charges for those detained.

He is currently working on reducing begging in the town to improve the quality of life for residents and shoppers. Nigel has served in the force for over twenty years and brings a wealth of knowledge and policing skills to his beat, where he takes personal pride in making the town centre a better place for all.



Police Constable 198 Richard Allan Nominate

Police Constable 198 Richard Allan

Beat Manager – Downham Market
King’s Lynn and West Norfolk District

PC Richard Allan has been the Downham Market Beat Manager for a number of years.  He takes great pride in being the local face of policing and is nominated for his professionalism, commitment and dedication.

Richard is described as someone who is always available to listen, is responsive to issues and provides constant reassurance to the community. He carries out regular street briefings and surgeries with volunteers and specials to listen to and address local concerns and take on community priorities.

He has worked on a proactive initiative to tackle hare coursing and rural crime resulting in numerous arrests, fines and vehicle seizures.  Richard also tackled drug dealing and anti-social behaviour on an estate, resulting in the arrest of offenders and a closure notice on a premises used for drug dealing.  He then worked with partners in restoring confidence within the community.



Police Constable 533 Graham Gower-SmithNominate

Police Constable 533 Graham Gower-Smith

Beat Manager – Holt
North Norfolk

PC Graham Gower-Smith has been the Beat Manager at Holt for more than three years. While the Holt area does not have significant levels of crime and anti-social behaviour there are still challenges around remaining visible and providing reassurance to the public.

His strength is in maintaining contact with the public through networks within the community. Often working without direct supervision, Graham can be trusted to prioritise his workload but he also recognises where he can work with others to achieve greater returns for the district.

Graham has embraced the best use of technology in combatting crime in some of our more vulnerable areas regularly deploying tracking equipment, researching intelligence opportunities while also developing the rural alert text message scheme in the district.

He frequently attends community meetings on his days off and is flexible in his approach. Graham is described as someone who knows his beat and how to make the community feel safe and confident in their local policing service.



Police Constable 1642 Rebecca BartonNominate

Police Constable 1642 Rebecca Barton

Beat Manager – Eaton
Norwich District

PC Rebecca Barton is a committed Beat Manager and has built an excellent working relationship with partners and the community in Eaton.

Rebecca has undertaken a number of operations to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour using the Special Constabulary to maximise visibility and provide community reassurance.

She has also worked with partner agencies to resolve issues within the community that went beyond policing as well as co-ordinating high profile visible patrols to ensure that the community were reassured and had the confidence to report any future matters to the police.

Rebecca has built some excellent links with the community and has also taken the local MP, Clive Lewis, out on patrol to highlight the issues in the area and obtain his support in tackling them.  Overall, she is described as a great team player and will regularly assist Beat Managers across the district in dealing with issues that they are facing.



Acting Police Sergeant 1551 David ReeveNominate

Acting Police Sergeant 1551 Dave Reeve

Beat Manager – Loddon
South Norfolk District

Acting Sgt David Reeve has shown himself to be an extremely hard working officer able to work on his own initiative with little supervision and whose work is always to a high standard.

Following a spate of vehicle crimes across a number of districts, he took ownership of these investigations and through complex lines of enquiry identified evidence and two suspects, enabling up to 35 offences to be detected.

Dave has worked closely with care homes on his area offering proactive support to staff, bespoke engagement and relationship building with vulnerable young people and provided training in statement-taking which has reduced calls to police by 80% at two locations.

Through obtaining and developing information in relation to a puppy farm on his area, Dave ran two multi-agency operations with the RSPCA and Trading Standards resulting in the seizure of over 90 dogs and the prosecution of four offenders , for which he achieved a ‘First Class’ recognition.