PCSO Nominees



Police Community Support Officer 8633 Graham Eglen

Breckland District

PCSO Graham Eglen is described as a professional and enthusiastic officer who is always ready and willing to assist with community issues.  He has been involved in a variety of incidents over the past 12 months including the seizure of 15 vehicles for having no insurance as well as issuing a further five warnings against drivers using vehicles to cause distress or annoyance.

Graham’s local knowledge has led to the location of five missing persons during the year, including one who was intent on taking their own life.  He routinely focuses on priorities set by the public and can often be found out on patrol with a speed gun.

While out on one occasion he welcomed a member of the public and her young son who wanted to become a police officer, showing him the equipment he used and posing for photographs. Graham’s nominator says his kind of community-focused engagement is what the role of PCSO was developed for.



Police Community Support Officer 8594 Helen Emerson

Broadland District

PCSO Helen Emerson is the nominated point of contact for all children’s homes within her areas of Hellesdon and Spixworth.

She meets all new residents so they are aware of a friendly face and has been able to engage with children considered as ‘difficult’.  Helen is trusted by staff and works hard to gain the trust and confidence of the children too, some of whom are very vulnerable.  She has worked with the Safeguarding Children Online Team to gain more knowledge of exploitation and safeguarding issues and attends many multi-agency safeguarding meetings, sometimes as the sole policing representative due to her knowledge in this field.

In addition, Helen has many other roles as part of her Neighbourhood Team, including giving talks to schools about child sexual exploitation, engagement meetings and dealing with other incidents that may arise, helping some of the more vulnerable children in our society.



Police Community Support Officer 8497 James Norris

Great Yarmouth District

PCSO James Norris is a Beat Manager in Great Yarmouth district and is described as a well-respected and dedicated officer who takes pride in going over and above what is expected.

Jim has made an impact with the local college Safeguarding Team.  Students were initially reluctant to engage with PCSOs but Jim managed to break down barriers between police and young people with particular success around the Prevent strategy to combat radicalisation at the college.

Jim also used local contacts to support a local resident with terminal cancer who was a victim of criminal damage to his wall.  He made the wall safe himself and approached the college who offered to repair it with materials donated by a local builders’ merchant.  He has led the police approach to anti-social use of vehicles and his work with young people has helped educate them in the impact of anti-social behaviour on the community.



Police Community Support Officer 8269 Michael Clark

King’s Lynn and West Norfolk District

PCSO Michael Clark is nominated for his role in the beat area of South Lynn.  He takes a lead in the Operation Apart initiative aimed at combatting retail theft and aside from chairing regular meetings with retailers and organisations, he has also intervened on the ground, detaining one man attempting to push a trolley full of groceries from a supermarket who fiercely resisted.

Mickey has also identified safeguarding matters and threats to public safety including submitting intelligence on potential homemade explosive devices, which earned him praise from the counter terrorism department.

In addition, he showed considerable initiative when two people he suspected of drug dealing appeared to be concealing items.  One of them made off but was detained by Mickey until back-up arrived.  The men were arrested and a considerable amount of controlled drugs were seized as a result.



Police Community Support Officer 8628 Shane Artingstall

North Norfolk District

PCSO Shane Artingstall is described as having a great understanding of the needs of the local community gained during his short time with the Special Constabulary.

Shane played a key role in transferring the CCTV in Fakenham from the council offices to the Police Station so media could be accessed outside of office hours.  He hosted informative briefings for council members and local stakeholders to present the benefits to them and is now the point of contact for all things related to CCTV.

Shane also used local knowledge to identify that a surge in sizable shop thefts was down to organised crime groups travelling from outside the county to commit offences in our county.  After significant research, Shane discovered a number of previously unidentified suspects whose pictures were circulated.  This led to a reduction in thefts and the arrest of two suspects who now face deportation.



Police Community Support Officer 8130 Joseph Clark

Norwich District

PCSO Joseph Clark is nominated for his work on Operation Wormington, aimed at tackling begging and prostitution in Norwich.

Joe is described as being instrumental in the success of the initiative with his work including plain clothes evidence-gathering and uniformed enforcement action.  He was also one of three officers who received a Royal Humane Society award for giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a man who had collapsed outside Bethel Street Police Station.

His nominator says Joe is recognisable to businesses and the general public through his patrols and engagement and is well respected by colleagues and partners alike.



Police Community Support Officer 8542 Joseph Pike

South Norfolk District

PCSO Joseph Pike became the sole full-time Support Officer for Loddon and Poringland beats in 2016 and despite an increased workload he has had some significant successes.

He set up an initiative in Poringland with children from the local primary school to run a competition to design a road safety sign after complaints about speeding in the village.  The Parish Council funded the initiative and produced the sign in the winner’s design, which is now on display in the village.  Joe has also been part of innovative and successful schemes to tackle anti-social behaviour among young people in both Loddon and Poringland.

Joe’s nominator says his efforts with community engagement within the many parishes he covers is first class.