Police Dog of the Year Award

To vote in this category, visit www.facebook.com/norfolkpolice and ‘like’ the Police Dog that you think deserves to win ‘Police Dog of the Year’ at NOSCAs 2018.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only ‘likes’ collected on the Norfolk Constabulary Facebook page will be counted toward the vote
  • The Police Dog with the most ‘likes’ according to the Norfolk Constabulary Facebook page at the closing of the competition will be the winner
  • Voting opens 15 June and closes 31 July 2018
  • Police Dogs have been nominated based on the criteria for this award (see below).


This award recognises acts of bravery or exceptional devotion to duty undertaken by our police dogs with their handlers.

  • Acknowledging outstanding contributions from the Joint Dog Unit where they have shown diligence in detecting drugs, weapons, cash and stolen property in Norfolk
  • Operational bravery in searching, tracking and detaining wanted people and resolving violent public order situations
  • Searching for and saving the lives of vulnerable, missing people



PC Emma Grosvenor and PD Reiker 

PC Emma Grosvenor and police dog Reiker were called to assist in the the search for a man wanted in connection with an incident in Cromer.  The suspect had arrived at the house of a relative and was causing criminal damage as well as threatening them with an iron bar.  He was also believed to be under the influence of drugs and was acting aggressively.  Two searches came to nothing but a third resulted in Reiker being deployed into a garden.  Reiker led the way out onto a country lane past livestock grazing in paddocks until a man was spotted running in the distance.  He refused to stop for PC Grosvenor but once he saw Reiker he threw his hands up in the air.  By continuously barking the dog prevented the man from running off while other officers were called as the suspect could have had a weapon.  He was arrested and detained thanks to Reiker’s persistent work.


PC James Stocking and PD Miko

Police dog Miko played a crucial role in the arrest of a man who ran off after failing to stop following a suspicious vehicle pursuit carried out by PC James Stocking in Norwich.  The car the man was driving had been linked with eight attempts to defraud people in the county.  The driver crashed into an embankment and fled.  Miko was sent to detain him, and successfully prevented him from running any further thwarting another attempt to escape.  The man needed to be restrained by PC Stocking while Miko stuck to his trained role of jumping up at the man and barking as a visible deterrent.  James believes the arrest would probably not have happened without Miko.



PC Adrian Vincent and PD Claude

PC Adrian Vincent and a colleague were instructed to search for a man who had fled from a car that had failed to stop in Downham Market.  Along with police dog Claude they searched rough land for around 90 minutes before the dog started pulling towards an old wartime pillbox in a copse.  Claude was unleashed and located the suspect inside.  When the officers arrived, the man was lying on the ground but refused to get up and began kicking out.  Claude lunged forward and took hold of the man in the lower back, which forced him to immediately get to his feet where he was handcuffed and detained.



PC Jamie Ward and PD Neeko

PC Jamie Ward and police dog Neeko were deployed to an active pursuit on the A47 for the occupants of a van that had failed to stop.  The vehicle was located and colleagues had detained the driver but others had fled the scene.  Neeko immediately found a track he was interested in and followed it through ditches, dense undergrowth and even along the A47 itself in darkness.  Turning off the road again they heard crashing sounds ahead and Neeko pushed through further undergrowth.  PC Ward and Neeko  flushed out three men who quickly gave themselves up.  Neeko guarded them until backup arrived and they were detained.  The four men were charged and have also been linked with a series of church lead thefts worth at least £80,000.