Police Dog of the Year Award

To vote in this category, visit www.facebook.com/norfolkpolice and ‘like’ the Police Dog that you think deserves to win ‘Police Dog of the Year’ at NOSCAs 2018.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only ‘likes’ collected on the Norfolk Constabulary Facebook page will be counted toward the vote
  • The Police Dog with the most ‘likes’ according to the Norfolk Constabulary Facebook page at the closing of the competition will be the winner
  • Voting opens 15 June and closes 31 July 2018
  • Police Dogs have been nominated based on the criteria for this award (see below).


This award recognises acts of bravery or exceptional devotion to duty undertaken by our police dogs with their handlers.

  • Acknowledging outstanding contributions from the Joint Dog Unit where they have shown diligence in detecting drugs, weapons, cash and stolen property in Norfolk
  • Operational bravery in searching, tracking and detaining wanted people and resolving violent public order situations
  • Searching for and saving the lives of vulnerable, missing people



Police Dog Billy and handler Police Constable Frances Peters

A patient had escaped at night from a secure hospital and was intent on causing herself harm by jumping from buildings, drowning or poisoning herself.  PC Peters and PD Billy spent over two hours thoroughly searching the hospital grounds, surrounding woodland and farmland in the darkness before they increased the search area to include a fishing pond in a wood and a golf course.  The police helicopter then joined the search, identifying a heat source near the pond.  Billy continued past the pond in his attempts to track the woman, who was crouched down on the track far ahead. However, upon being discovered by PD Billy and PC Peters, she bolted out of sight.  Billy tracked her scent through a gap in a hedge onto the golf course.  The missing woman could be seen running far ahead on the fairway.  PC Peters and Billy caught up and cut off her escape route when she hid behind a tree.  She was safely returned to the hospital.



Police Dog Harry and handler Police Constable David Carter

In April, PC David Carter was travelling along the A47 with PD Harry when they were called to respond to reports of a burglary in Gorleston.  At the scene, PC Carter began searching around a local church with PD Harry.  They made their way down a side passage between the church and a residential property as officers had reported hearing noises in the adjoining garden.  PC Carter saw a man lying down in the garden wearing black sports clothing, track suit style trousers and top, and a black baseball cap. The man turned away from them and jumped over the adjoining fence, making his way into neighbouring gardens.  PC Carter and Harry began a search of the gardens  and a small brick outbuilding.  PC Carter opened the door to the outbuilding and sent Harry in.  Within seconds Harry barked indicating that someone had been located.  PC Carter found the man sitting on the concrete floor of the outbuilding behind a green plastic garden chair.  Harry continued to bark at the man who remained motionless.  PC Carter told the man to remain still, and as he approached he offered his arms up to him in submission and was handcuffed.



Police Dog Neeko and handler Police Constable Jamie Ward

PC Jamie Ward and PD Neeko were deployed to a pursuit in the Wisbech area in October 2017 which involved a Volkswagen Golf.  The driver was wanted by police, suspected of being involved in the supply of drugs.  The pursuit then turned onto a road with a dead end, resulting in the driver and passenger abandoning the car, running across the A47 bypass into a field and then onto a nearby housing estate.  PC Ward arrived on scene five minutes after the car had been abandoned and when directed to the last known sighting of the driver.  Neeko immediately picked up a track, taking PC Ward towards a large fence which surrounded the back garden of a house. The area was searched to no avail but Neeko picked up another track running parallel to the row of houses.  After getting to the last house, PD Neeko lifted his head and pulled towards the driveway where, underneath a parked caravan, he found one of the suspects hiding.  The suspect was identified as the driver of the Volkswagen who was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, failing to stop and possession of an offensive weapon.



Police Dog Rhino and handler Police Constable Martin Didwell

In 2017, police received information concerning the whereabouts of a wanted man in Costessey.  Officers, including armed units, were deployed along with PC Didwell and PD Rhino. They arrived on scene to find the man had fled the area and PC Didwell drove to the back of the site with PD Rhino.  Within minutes, Rhino began to pull on his lead as he had picked up a track.  The officer ran behind Rhino for about 150 metres, heading into rough ground, fields and a wooded area.  Once inside the woodland, Rhino lifted his head and turned sharply to the right while pulling his handler towards a dense crop of trees.  It was at this time PC Didwell noticed a man who matched the description of the wanted suspect running from behind a large tree, which triggered Rhino to start barking.  PC Didwell shouted to the man to stop or the dog would be released.  The man followed his instructions and was then detained by armed officers. He was arrested on suspicion of assault and taken into police custody at Wymondham police investigation centre.