Response Team of the Year

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General Guidance

Nomination qualifying period is between Friday 17 August 2016 to Friday 28 July 2017.
Deadline for entries is Friday 28 July 2017.
No late entries will be accepted.
Each section must be completed for a candidate to be considered for the award.
Submissions must be no more than 500 words otherwise your entry will not be accepted.
Nominations submitted on any other form will not be accepted.
All nominations must be approved and signed off by your head of department or their deputy before submitting.
The judges this year will be representatives from the Superintendents’ Association, Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, Police Federation, HR, UNISON and the Chief Constable.

Nominated Team

Please submit up to a maximum of eight team names to represent the whole team at the NOSCAs evening should you be shortlisted.

Please include full collar numbers for all police officers nominated.

Category Criteria

  • Notable contribution by the team which supports Force Vision, Mission and Values alongside the Code of Ethics

  • Makes a positive difference to people’s lives

  • Enhances customer confidence and satisfaction by delivering a high quality service

  • Proactive and intelligence-led whilst focused on vulnerability

  • Effective at providing protection for people and the communities of Norfolk

  • What makes the teams’ activities outstanding, setting a level for other response teams to aspire to