Police Dog of the Year

To vote in this category, visit www.facebook.com/norfolkpolice and ‘like’ the Police Dog that you think deserves to win ‘Police Dog of the Year’ at NOSCAs 2019.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only ‘likes’ collected on the Norfolk Constabulary Facebook page will be counted toward the vote
  • The Police Dog with the most ‘likes’ according to the Norfolk Constabulary Facebook page at the closing of the competition will be the winner
  • Voting opens 14 June and closes 31 July 2019
  • Police Dogs have been nominated based on the criteria for this award (see below).


This award recognises acts of bravery or exceptional devotion to duty undertaken by our police dogs with their handlers.

  • Acknowledging outstanding contributions from the Joint Dog Unit where they have shown diligence in detecting drugs, weapons, cash and stolen property in Norfolk
  • Operational bravery in searching, tracking and detaining wanted people and resolving violent public order situations
  • Searching for and saving the lives of vulnerable, missing people



Police Constable 53 David Carter and Police Dog Harry

In November 2018, PC David Carter and Police Dog Harry were deployed to assist in the search for a vulnerable 16 year old missing girl in the Norwich area. It was a cold, dark evening with freezing temperatures and the girl was dressed only in pyjamas and had not taken any belongings with her. She had been seen heading towards a rural location with fields and woodland. PD Harry began tracking across fields towards dense woodland. PC Carter and PD Harry climbed over a fence and headed into the woodland. After a while the track led to the missing girl who was soaking wet and in the midst of a seizure. She was admitted to hospital and was seen by officers the following day, safe and well.


Police Constable 68 Jamie Ward and Police Dog Neeko

In January 2019, PC Jamie Ward and PD Neeko assisted the Op Moonshot team in the Downham Market area. Following a short pursuit, the suspect’s vehicle had been disabled but the suspects had made off across fields into a wooded copse. PD Neeko tracked the suspects across the A10 bypass and into a farm car park. PD Neeko continued through woodland, fields, through hedges and through water filled ditches – entering the water and continuing along the track the other side. Eventually, after approximately a mile and a half, PC Ward saw a figure trying to conceal himself in a ditch.  Three suspects were located and arrested for a variety of offences.


Police Constable 421 Annelly Miles and Police Dog Harley

In January 2019, PC Annelly Miles and PD Harley were deployed following a report of a burglary in progress in the Thetford area. The occupant of an address had disturbed a suspect trying to gain entry through the back door of her premises. PD Harley began tracking from a hole in a garden fence into a plantation of trees and onto a footpath. PD Harley entered the wooded area again to clear this and PD Harley tracked to the brow of a hill where PC Miles could see four males wearing dark clothing, one of which matched the description of the suspect. The suspects saw PC Miles and fled on bicycles, however PC Miles and PD Harley gave chase and were able to detain two of the group. These two were arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary and were able to provide the details of the two who made off from the scene.


Police Constable 853 John Harwood and Police Dog Dizzy

This incident relates to a stop on a BMW car one early afternoon in March this year. Intelligence provided had meant that the car was taken to the Police Investigation Centre at Wymondham for a search with PC John Harwood and Police Dog Dizzy. She was placed into the car and gave an indication to the driver’s side air vent. A quick search around the air vent did not reveal any evidence of an offence. PD Dizzy though was so determined that it was decided to get a mechanic from the workshops to take the dashboard apart. After a while the mechanic pulled out a plastic bag hidden deep behind the dashboard which contained in the region of £10,000 worth of what appeared to be class A drugs. If it hadn’t been for PD Dizzy those drugs would never have been found.