Community Citizen(s) of the Year

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General Guidance

 Nomination qualifying period is between Friday 17 August 2016 to Friday 28 July 2017.
 Deadline for entries is Friday 28 July 2017.
 No late entries will be accepted.
 Each section must be completed for a candidate to be considered for the award.
 Submissions must be no more than 500 words otherwise your entry will not be accepted.
 Nominations submitted on any other form will not be accepted.
 The judges this year will be representatives from the Superintendents’ Association, Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, Police Federation, HR, UNISON and the Chief Constable.

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Reasons For Nomination:

This award is made for outstanding and particularly praiseworthy achievement that combats crime and disorder, or promotes community safety or racial harmony in Norfolk by an individual or group (maximum nomination 8 members)

 Describe the nature of the problem being addressed

 Describe the actions taken to address the problem, including any unforeseen issues that emerged and how these were addressed and the results

 Describe the results of the actions

Please give us an example of how this person has made a difference in your community