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NOSCAs 2019





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The 2019 annual Norfolk Safer Community Awards (NOSCAs) celebrating outstanding contributions made by police officers, police staff and members of the community in helping keep Norfolk safe was held last night, Thursday 10 October.

Chief Constable Simon Bailey hosted the event at the Holiday Inn North, Norwich, where he was joined by all the shortlisted entries, event sponsors, and invited guests from the community, senior officers and police staff.

Speaking about the event, Mr Bailey said: “The NOSCAs provide us with the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the exceptional work and contributions of many of our officers, staff and residents.

“In a year where the complexities of policing have been acknowledged including the changing nature of crime and increased demand, it is important that we do take the time to recognise those who go above and beyond in Norfolk. It must also be remembered that while our employees are expected to make this important work a priority, local members of the community give their time voluntarily to help keep Norfolk a wonderful and safe place to live, work and visit.

“I would like to thank our partners and sponsors who continue to generously support the NOSCAs, helping us to make this event possible.

“Lastly, I wish to congratulate everyone who was nominated for an award last night. With an increasing number of nominations every year and an extremely high standard of entries, competition was strong. I am proud to be in a role which allows me to lead a force so firmly focused on the needs of our community.”


The winners:


Community Citizen(s) of the Year

Sponsored by Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk

Winners: Clare Lincoln and Arnie McConnell

Clare Lincoln

Clare set up the Sprowston Youth Engagement Programme, with the help of local PCSOs, seven years ago.  The aim was to address the need for youth activities in the area following an increase in anti-social behaviour.  This group now gives the chance for young people to engage with their peers and creates a ‘safe haven’ to express their concerns.  Clare’s community work extends far beyond this, helping people with dementia and running a community garden project, all alongside being a foster carer to two young children.

Arnie McConnell

Arnie is tireless in his efforts to support disadvantaged and vulnerable people in his community.  He runs a highly effective and well-stocked food bank in Wymondham, which is open to all as Arnie doesn’t believe in the indignity of asking for vouchers.  He also runs a weekly community lunch, takes food parcels to local schools and offers voluntary work to those in local hostels providing references to local employers.  Arnie is described as someone who exemplifies community responsibility and spirit and acts as a role model for others to follow.


The John (Cecil) Mason Volunteer of the Year

Sponsored by Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk

Winners: Force Historians and Frederick Parry

Force Historians

The Police Support Volunteer Force Historians collectively contribute more than a thousand hours of volunteering a year looking after the history of Norfolk Constabulary.  Their displays at Force Headquarters are regularly updated and are of constant interest to visitors.  They also deal with enquiries from the public and liaise with retired officers’ families.  The historians are dedicated and committed to their role of preserving the history of Norfolk Constabulary, ensuring those who serve now can be proud of the achievements of those who have served in the past.

Frederick Parry

Rick has been an Independent Custody Visitor, or ICV, for more than 20 years.  ICVs perform an important role, making unannounced weekly visits to custody facilities in the county to check on the welfare of detainees and ensure they are being treated within guidelines as well as with dignity and respect.  Rick’s role has expanded over the years and his reports ultimately help the constabulary modify and improve their own processes.  His nominator says despite moving into his 70s, Rick remains ‘at the top of his game’.


Young Citizen(s) of the Year

Sponsored by Shell UK Exploration & Production Ltd

Winners: Jacob Hanton & Thomas Lynn

Jacob Hanton​​​​​​

Jacob was nominated for his willingness to share information that has combatted crime in his community.  On two occasions in the last twelve months he approached police after recognising illegal activity.  In one case, Jacob saw drugs being advertised on social media which led to the vulnerable person advertising them being removed from a County Lines operation.  In another, Jacob reported seeing a blade being carried by another person, which was seized after a search by police. Both people have received education to prevent future offending.

Thomas Lynn
Thomas is a well-mannered and thoughtful young man as well as an outstanding youth citizen who promotes community cohesion.  He has been a member of the Norfolk PCC Youth Commission since its inception in 2017, striving to bridge the gap between young people and the police.  Thomas has successfully completed his National Citizen Service with 60 hours of social action work and was chosen as a group team leader.  In addition, Thomas is a carer for his mother and regularly assists her outside of work time.


Police Cadet of the Year

Sponsored by Sopra Steria

Winner: Police Cadet Teigan-Leigh Humphrey

Teigan-Leigh joined Thetford Cadets in 2017 and has grown in confidence over the years.  She is described as one of the most enthusiastic of the cadets, normally one of the first to volunteer and always happy to give up her spare time to attend events.  Tegan-Leigh’s nominator says staff have noticed a huge difference in how she conducts herself and feels more at ease with other cadets, forming close friendships with a number of them.  She shows both the Cadets and Norfolk Constabulary in a positive light.


Student Officer of the Year

Sponsored by City College Norwich

Winner: PC 149 Hathaichanok (Som) Sampao

PC Sampao is hard working and reliable, taking her work seriously and remaining unphased when under pressure. She undertakes her role with efficiency and sensitivity, going beyond what was required in one particular case when she assisted a person who was a victim of attempted fraud but discovered in the process that he and his wife were lacking support for day-to-day living.  Her actions resulted in a carer being allocated to the couple by the local council.


Special Constabulary Officer of the Year  – Special Officer

Sponsored by Eastern Daily Press

Winner: Special Sergeant 7083 Bill Grint

Special Constable Grint has given more than 1000 hours of service to Norfolk Constabulary in the past year and is described as someone who leads by example and uses his professionalism and passion for policing to encourage and mentor other special constables.  He is willing to take on any job and makes sure his shifts are aligned with when the constabulary needs extra support.  Whether it’s joint operations, football duties or county-wide objectives, Bill’s hard work has clearly helped take the strain off his regular colleagues and made Broadland a safer place.


Community Officer of the Year – Police Officer

Sponsored by Eastern Daily Press

Winner: Police Constable 820 James Marrison

PC Marrison is Beat Manager in a diverse area of Norwich and is nominated for his hard work in forging partnerships within his local community.  The local councillor describes him as ‘a fantastic asset to the police force.’  James often gives up rest days to improve the daily lives of the community, as well as holding regular meetings where the public can meet him with concerns.  Feedback received from the community indicates real positivity and a feeling that crime and disorder has been reduced.


Investigator of the Year

Sponsored by Barclays

Winner: T/DC 1075 Carl Carter

T/DC Carter was the officer in the case (OIC) for an operation to remove one of Norfolk’s oldest ‘County Lines’ from the streets of Great Yarmouth.  Despite this being his first serious crime investigation since joining the Tactical Unit, Carl remained on top of this extremely complex case which lasted for 18 months and resulted in a case file of more than 130,000 pages.  Following a seven week trial at Norwich Crown Court, nine people were sentenced to a total of 58 years in prison.  The judge commended Carl’s work, along with two of his colleagues.


Problem Solver of the Year

Sponsored by Holiday Inn

Winners: Insp 4057 Paul McCarthy and PC 228 Dan Potter

Insp McCarthy and PC Potter revitalised recruitment and retainment of Special Constabulary officers in Great Yarmouth.  Through creative thinking and working collaboratively, they reduced the recruitment process from nine months to four, saved a considerable amount of money and recruited 14 new Special Constables into the district.  The new team of specials in Great Yarmouth is testament to Paul and Dan’s hard work.


Police Staff Member of the Year

Sponsored by Reed Specialist Recruitment

Winner: Jane Munro

Jane has worked in the Constabulary Control Room for 15 years and has been a trainer since 2010.  She has faced a considerable increase in her workload during the past two years following a recruitment drive to bring new officers into the Control Room.  Apart from working additional evenings and weekends, Jane has also had to design, prepare and adapt new styles of induction training.  Jane has handled the additional pressure without a word of complaint and with tireless dedication and commitment.


The Peter Garland Special Recognition Award


PS 1713 Daniel Edwards
PS 640 Darren Harper
PS 3117 Nicholas Tungatt

Neighbourhood Policing Team
PS 1169 Anthony Hogan
PS 1403 Anthony Lester
PS 3187 Trevor Smith


The Hannah and Laura Witheridge Special Recognition Award

Recipients: PC 1193 Chris Alexander


The Bravery Award


PS 3451 Steve Smith

PC 224 Andy Randall

PC 943 Arshad Shah


Response Team of the Year

Sponsored by Norfolk Police Federation

Winner: Team 2, North Norfolk

Team 2, North Norfolk was nominated for their excellent quality of service often going the extra mile to support vulnerable people.  They professionalised district processes in investigating domestic abuse cases, which led to a number of successful prosecutions.  Team 2 is focused on safeguarding and providing support to victims, sometimes even months after incidents, going above and beyond what is expected.  The team consistently demonstrate the attitude expected and are a credit to the district.


Police Dog of the Year

Sponsored by Royal Canin​​​​​​​

Chosen by Norfolk Constabulary’s Facebook community

Winner: PC 53 David Carter and PD 104 Harry

PC Carter and PD Harry were deployed in November 2018 to assist in the search for a vulnerable 16 year old missing girl in the Norwich area. PD Harry began tracking across fields towards dense woodland before climbing over a fence and headed further in. After a while the track led to the missing girl who was soaking wet and in the midst of a seizure. She was admitted to hospital and was seen by officers the following day, safe and well.


Outstanding Team of the Year

Sponsored by Slater and Gordon

Winner: Neighbourhood Policing Team Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth’s Neighbourhood Policing Team has made significant inroads into issues related to drug activity.  Despite being a small team of just five constables, their proactive work alongside other specialist teams has resulted in serious violent offences related to ‘County Lines’ being practically eradicated.  The team are at the forefront of tackling violence and drug activity and are recognised by many managers across the force as outstanding.


Safer Neighbourhood Team of the Year

Sponsored by Co-op Secure Response

Winner: Diss, Long Stratton and Harleston SNT

Diss, Long Stratton and Harleston SNT have shown professionalism in the community after a violent incident allegedly involving knives in Diss town centre.  A patrol in the area made arrests and they were referred to the youth offending team.  Meanwhile the SNT carried out a number of initiatives to build community confidence in the area.  This combined the help of the town council, business owners and the public to foster more tolerance while also reinvigorating the town’s old CCTV system to increase safety.  The team showed great passion to bring cohesion and restore normality.


A huge thank you to everyone who made a nomination, as well as all the sponsors whose financial support allowed the event to be held.

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